vintage sequin black silver red sequin dresses

Some women use food to lure men. But why work so hard when
sequin dresses
are so much more alluring than even the most fragrant and flashy dishes? We have been informed that the way to a man’s heart is through his over bloated abdomen but believe me when I tell you there are other options. Whoever the artist was that produced those painted vintage signs that accomplished cooks display in their kitchens announcing that "Loving Don’t Last but Cooking Do" or some such nonsense did not have much fashion sense nor did he have a clue as to how to turn a man on.

He or she obviously does not realize the effect that slinky, black sequin dresses, purses and spike heels with the right gold jewelry can have on a man. How gratifying it is when your date picks you up to escort you to a party that he probably was not looking forward to attending smack dab in the middle of football season only to see his eyeballs pop out on their stems when you answer the door.

Savvy chicks know to spray a cloud of his favorite perfume to walk through around fifteen minutes or so before he is due to arrive so that it will have time to settle on their bodies and mellow. When the door is opened, the first sensory treat is his favorite scent and then the visual delight of yours truly in scintillating sequins and beads.


There’s very little to say on this subject except I never met one that I didn’t like. When I was little my mother said when she went to the mall and took a stroll through the holiday and cocktail outfits, that I insisted that she find some children’s dresses that were sparkling and festive.

Throughout my high school years, the number of sparkles and beads may have fluctuated according to what was considered to be fashionable at the time. But you can bet that the number of sequins on my clothes pushed the limits. Whether the occasion called for a formal prom dress or mini dresses I wanted sparkle and dangling beads then and I still want them today.


A beaded evening purse has a way of transforming a plain black shift into something memorable. Black dresses accessorized with the right earrings and strappy sandals go from the office to the cocktail party in a flash. Never discount the power of a purse with sequins, sparkling beads and metal discs when it comes to cheap, holiday party clothes.

In closing, please don’t think that I’m mocking those who like to cook a good meal for their man. I just think that he will appreciate it even more if you are wearing one of your favorite sexy black sequin dresses and shoes to set the mood while you are setting the table.