Who wouldn’t love to find a pair of the latest
Christian Louboutin
slingback shoes in that beautifully wrapped package that we saw lover boy hiding in the top of the closet? Even though we know in our heart of hearts that it is quite possibly another example of the men in our lives doing something that gives them great pleasure all the while claiming that they did it just to make us happy. Do you see where I’m coming from?

If that pair of Christian Louboutin double-platform slingbacks with the spike heels didn’t make his pulse race, would he have been so eager to rush out ahead of the discount sales and pay that expensive price? So what if he had ulterior motives for making sure your pretty toes were wrapped in the ultimate of designer footwear. You will reap the rewards at the cocktail or Christmas party when the men (and more than a few ladies) zoom in on your sexy feet in those Christian Louboutin slingback shoes.

Why are the Louboutin slingbacks so popular? The answer to that is that there is only a thin strap that breaks the long, lean lines of your leg rather than a fully enclosed heel. Spike heels do an amazing job of lengthening and shaping your calves, but many feel that the strappy, near naked heel is so much nicer.

Plus, it’s a sad fact that every girl’s toes are not perfect. Even with a professional pedicure and the best nail polish on the planet, some toes are best left unexposed. The open heel camouflages the fact that we might be hiding a part of ourselves that may be somewhat lacking in beauty or total perfection. A good rule of thumb among fashion advisors is when in doubt, find something beautiful to wear on top of our flaws.

Christian Louboutin slingback platform Numero Prive Glitter Shoes

Christian Louboutin Numero Prive Glitter Shoes


When it comes to sparkling crystals and black satin, Christian Louboutin slingback shoes have got you covered. There are styles with square toes with an elegant bow decorating the toe as well as slimming pointed toes in ivory or winter white that would be stunning with a dress or handbag in silver. If black satin, gold and silver glitter are too tame for the wild child in you, there is a multi-colored style know as Numero Prive Glitter Shoes that are an explosion of rainbow colors with a slim metallic gold spike heel and platform soles.

The bottom line is that if you can find a more exquisitely designed pair of slingbacks than Christian Louboutin slingback shoes, by all means enlighten us. Especially if you can find a comparable pair offered at knockoff prices.

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