Katie Holmes Peep Toe Pumps. Two ankle straps, burgundy and fabulous!

Jessica Bennett - Gesine (Burgundy) - Women's


I just saw a picture of Katie and Suri out for the day in gay Paris and they looked so sweeet!!

Katie was wearing a taupe trench coat and these fabulous burgundy peep toe pumps (?). I have looked for some similar shoes, but can only come up with the following choices which are cool, but no cigar. Here's the pic I'm referring to. Does anyone know the brand?


Helle Comfort - Kala (Black Suede) - Women's

Helle Comfort - Lynann (Black) - Women's

Helle Comfort - Bambi (Black Multi) - Women's

Forgive my sudden obsession with Helle Comfort shoes, but they have me completely hooked! I set out to find some black patent leather sandals and was completely blind sided by the style of these cool shoes! I had heard people discuss them on the web, but I tend to discount any shoe with the word "comfort" or "comfortable" associated with them as matronly or something granny might toddle about in, not exactly a good match for what I look for in footwear.

I like heels and wedges that make my feet look trim and sleek. I pay close attention to how they make the calf of my legs look from the rear. If they don't add to the long and sexy look that I want, they're history! So, when I find a brand that does all that and is COMFORTABLE....oh hello. There we go.

The beaded pump is going in my shopping cart for a Christmas cocktail party option and the soft puckered leather ballerina flat with the silver buckle is coming along just because it's so cute! And why do I adore the slides with the multiple buckles? Because they are adjustable which will make them fit so nicely over the high instep of my foot. Anybody else have problems getting shoes to fit over the arch of your foot without pain? OUCH!

Helle Comfort - W70204 (Black With Crystals) - Women's

I chose those mules over the ones with the crystals beading for that very reason. Although, I really did like the way those beads sparkled!


Not so long ago it was Miley Cyrus in red sequins and then I see Hayden Panettiere pictures and what was she wearing? BLACK SEQUINS! The neckline was round and I couldn't really tell if it was a bubble dress or just your run of the mill Empire waist standard hemline mini. With her blonde hair it was a super contrast. I'm not sure she chose the best shoes for the outfit, though. I would have loved to see her in a pair of sequin peep toe pumps in a spike heel as she is not that tall.

Tell me which of the above shoes you think work best with a black sequined mini-dress? The maryjanes that she was wearing resembled the ones above except the heel was square and chunky. It's my opinion (and I want to hear yours)that the peep toes are lovely, but I think that the spike heels would be nicer and more slimming than the chunk, thick heels.

You can see an Alice & Olivia Black Sequin Dress similar dress to the one she was wearing at shopbop so you can form an opinion.

Earlier in the year, she was seen in a yellow and white sequin dress. The yellow and white stripes in the pictures brought those huge, hideous albino reptiles to mind.


Sequin Satchel

Well, maybe but Miley Cyrus has her own sense of style and fashion and was seen wearing a top that would win the title of red sequin top of the season in my book. Here's a red sequin bag that I think shines nicely, but Miley (aka Hannah Montana) did it better. She's a pretty girl in red sequins or whatever!

I don't know that I'd have the confidence to clothe my entire upper bod in blazing, sparkling red sequined glory, but a purse or even some red sequin beaded evening shoes paired with a black cat suit ala Olivia Newton John in Grease makes me want to shed those extra pounds and go 80s on somebody!

I'd never manage to look sexy like Olivia Newton John or Miley Cyrus. I'd probably come off looking like some demented flapper in full costume with feathers. Kind of like Cruella DeVille with a long cigarette holder and a wicked look in my eyes.

Adult Red Sequin Flapper Dress Costume

Adult Red Sequin Flapper Dress Costume


Beverly Feldman - Play-Along (Brown Leopard/Black Patent) - Women's

Beverly Feldman - Shine-Lo (Leopard Brite) - Women's

Beverly Feldman - Heroic (Leopard/Gold Crystal) - Women's

Beverly Feldman - Perky (Brown Leopard/Black Patent) - Women's

Every fall (and a few springs, summers as well) the questions rings through the halls of fashion knowledge as to whether wild animal prints will be done...again. If so, HOW will they be on display? Will shoes and purses be all the rage or will the printed furs be limited to coat and jacket collars as trim and decoration?

It's not cold enough to make the FALL 2007 faux fur call for coats and jackets, but I am really excited about some of the Beverly Feldman leopard print shoes and that's a fact! At this point even if not another warm body is wearing leopard print, I'm going to step out and be a rebel because these shoes are just too classic and sexy to pass by.

Those multi-colored jeweled ballet flats will be perfect with my hot mama jeans, I may have to embellish them with some matching beading if I can find some beads and gemstones in similar colors! I can't decide which I like better, the beaded leopard ballet flats or the cap toe ballet flats with the perky bows? I'm crazy about both! The leopard thong slides with crystals will have a place on my feet for holiday cocktail parties. (Think slinky black cocktail dress!)

I'm in love with the combination of rich, black suede and leopard and cheetah prints. Those stacked heels are a feast for men's eyes. And baby I'm counting on them to carry those men's eyes right on up my long legs! What about that platform, peep toe pair? They are seductive enough without peep toes and leopard covered heels, but with them they are knock dead gorgeous! I plan to have my pretty polished toes ready to peep through a pair or three. How about you?



I came across the most fabulous Kate Spade designer ballerina flats at zappos.com
. They are gray (or off white) lizard with spectacular beading and faux gemstones beaded across the leather from toe to the petite low heel! What I love about these bejeweled shoes is that the beads' sizes are varied from small, medium and on to the large round stones on the toes. Italian made ballet flats that are the height of high end luxury is the only way I can think to describe them!

I would post a picture here, but the company won't let me do Kate Spade shoes apparently. So go over to zappos.com
and enter these search terms.

Kate Spade Pax

SKU #7338196


Helle Comfort - Ollie (Black) - Women's

I must admit that I'm a late comer to the Helle Comfort shoes team. I just didn't see many styles that I liked and they are rather expensive for shoes that don't knock our collective socks off. But here I am waving the Helle Comfort flag with new found gusto once I saw these precious wedge heels in black with a round red buckle.

I'm not a fashionistic type that must know the history and manufacturing details of my shoes. My requirements are few. They must be comfortable, make my legs look long and lean and if at all be on sale at a low low discounted price!


A classic tale of puppy love, labrador style. Word is that Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson of recent You, Me and Dupree fame will be starring in an adaptation called Marley Me. John Grogan had written the tale from his memoirs regarding his own labrador retriever who was apparently famous for his own mischievous habits.

John Grogan wrote the story about his life with the labrador in 2005 to aid in the preparation of parenthood. I'm all for therapeutic memories and the belief of cleansing the soul through putting thoughts on paper, but how does a tale about a dog get a person in shape for parenting? Apparently it has something to do with working through unexpected chaos. I suppose we'll have to wait until the film releases to see, won't we?

Production is reported to begin in 2008.


We love Tom Cruise in his role as anti-Hitler activist and those sunglasses he's wearing are really cool classic style, too. I know I've blogged not once but twice about sunglasses on the same day! What can I say, it's a sunny day! Check the video of our favorite Tom and check out those Ray-Bans(?) Does anybody know the style number?


Utopia Optics - Cop Out™ (Silver/Grey Lens) - Accessories

I'm not certain that anybody could accuse Britney Spears of viewing the world through rose colored glasses, but there WAS a sighting of her in silver aviator style sunglasses with what seemed to be pink (or rose) colored lenses.

The lenses may have been heavier on the tears, longer in shape on the sides and I don't believe that there was a mirror effect on the lense because her eyes were very visible. The nose piece was not thick like Ray-Ban aviators, but that may have been the case.

I liked the sunglasses, but the real news is that she appeared to have enough new growth of hair to have allowed her to be without her wig. Her hair color is a brassy blonde which was a real switch from the dark brown wigs that she has seemed to favor during her bald stage.

Leiv Schreiber and Naomi Watts Out With Celebrity Baby Alexander - What were they wearing?

Leiv Schreiber and Naomi Watts Out With Celebrity Baby Alexander seemed to be less than thrilled to see the worrisome photographers show up cameras in hand. According to the video Leiv took matters into hand and pushed the paps back.

Birkenstock - Gizeh Exquisite (Pearl White Pearlized Leather) - Women's

Leiv and Naomi were dressed in casual clothes, he in black shorts and a white button shirt and she in white top and shorts and toes peeking out of thongs in what appeared to be silver or a white pearlized leather similar to these Birkenstocks.

adidas - Calissage (Black/White/Metallic Silver) - Men's

Leiv's footwear was casual in this style but the massage the shoes were performing on the soles of his feet appeared to do very little to relax him in the face of flashing cameras.

IS BRITNEY SPEARS LOVING Criss Angel Dragons Skulls and Whatever


Just saw a picture of celebrity mom, Britney Spears, and Criss Angel walking side by side and I was struck by the differences in the personal taste. Britney had on a relatively stylish strapless form fitting dress and looked nice except for the ill fitting brown wig. Criss Angel on the other hand had on what appeared to be an Affliction Xtreme Couture t-shirt similar to this one and lots of chains and rings and other mannish jewelry that came off as a complete opposite of how she was dressed. Not criticizing, but I wonder if she likes the skull and crossbones style or just likes Criss in SPITE of it?

The picture of them together is here. If anyone can identify the designer of her dress, please post it in the comments?


Marc Jacobs shoes have done the Mary Jane thing and the t strap thing, now here we have the t-strap only better. BOOTS! That's right t strap boots. I had to look very closely to see that the advertisement wasn't for a pair of t strap shoes whose popularity may or may not have come from all of the Dancing With the Stars and other ballroom dancing pursuits.

Check them out at zappos.com

The style number is SKU #7336148 Sorry I don't have pics of these cool t strap Mary Janes grown all up into boots but you can see them on the website.

Indeed these Marc by Marc Jacobs boots almost seem to be a pair of t straps with a pair of suede textured stockings underneath. How interesting! I can't wait to see which of the celebs picks up this classic boot for Fall 2007! The platform is covered in black patent leather (which seems to be making a real impact on footwear fashion offerings this fall), the heels are solid and I suppose you could call them chunky while the column of the boot is out of butter soft suede.


I'm seeing a trend in lady's fall shoes that's knocking me out and sending me out to search for ankle boots. The ones that I'm loving like crazy so far are these super juicy delicious black suede leather ones with a nice spike heel. Not too high, but just right.

Dolce Vita - 5173-18 (black kidsuede) - Women's

I've seen women with ankle high red boots, black boots and some purple ankle boots. One thing is for sure, ankle boots WILL be worn this fall with wrap dress and other outfits.