Reese Witherspoon's black dress that she wore on David Letterman's show last night just knocked me out. I did a search for some pictures and found one from a few days ago taken at the premiere of Warner Brothers holiday film 'Four Christmases' and she was wearing a similar outfit. The neckline of the black strapless dress is the same in the earlier pics, but there are some subtle differences in last night's black, fitted cocktail dress and one that I admired on Letterman including a more figure flattering fit. The lacy slingback peeptoe heels were an improvement on the black ribbon tie shoes that she was wearing a few days ago as well.

Reese Witherspoon's black dress is topped off with a feminine chin length hairstyle that in combination with the smoky eye shadow makes her lovely eyes really shine.

Are those real diamonds in the earrings and large pendant of the necklace? Anybody care to name the number of carats contained in the jewelry? The pendant almost looks like an antique, but it could be a replica. If it is, I would love to know the designer, especially if the stones are simulated so that those of lesser means might be able to afford them! Wouldn't it be lovely if celebrities would give paparazzi that are taking their pictures handouts listing the brand names of the clothes, shoes and purses they are wearing?

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