Beautiful Monster

I don't know why the more I listen to this song the more I like it. 

For Your Body

Keeps me coming to my love~~ HAHAHAHA~~ This One, smells tempting to me...

Yea.. That sweet smell.. Yes, I love sweet smell~

Left: Body Lightening.. This I use during the day.. While... Right: Collagen use during the night..

Knitted Project 2~

Which One Is The Best???? 

Knitted Project 1 Success!

Custom Made By:

So, here it is... the first project I propose to PinkInc to custom this monkey... The Angelina Jolie Lip-ped monkey. Botox injections to monkey mouth.. Slurrrpy~

Knitted Project 1~

The Only Michelle Phan Tutorial Video I Like~

The Coastal Colors in 88.. I'll get that.. seems strong colors though... hmmmm...~~ I wonder and extremely curious... So, I'm getting it... heheheeeee~~~~

The Extra's

One Evening when you're escaping work to monitor the plumber doing his work... what else would you do beside cam whoring all the time. Pretty obvious I look dull and tired!~

The Why~

You must be wondering why all of a sudden I have a boom!-ing blog posting all of a sudden in just few minutes/ secs... Well, that's because I've been doing the posts in my office while rushing some stuff (while slacking as well) but didn't get to post it.. so it was saved as drafts... I was going to post it when I reached home, but my fucked up house mate has been downloading stuffs that I didn't get to excess any web (even my blackberry is more faster to surf Facebook that time). So, everything was delayed.. until today~~ 

So to remind you again.. that the blog aren't just about me, it's also about some stuff I find interesting and manage to sell some of the lady items/ manly gadgets (that is if you are interested).

Thanks for reading... Enjoy bobbies!

Zombies in The US

Some Vain Blog...

Puke~ hahahahahaha~ Cute attempts~~ But her blog is interesting.. by far though.... XD Actually the point I snapped this page it's because I think it's a lame conversation between a dork and some ass Korean who wants to flirt. Hahaha! WTF! Stalker~ I've made myself into one... LOL~!! And Fuck that, I'm proud of it too... XD