2008 New York Stage And Film Gala

I would love to hear your opinion on actress Jennifer Westfeldt’s royal blue dress. Could the number of fabric rosettes that are encircling the scoop neck of the dress and slipping over the shoulder gilding the lily a bit on the excessive side? Or are the embellishments a fitting and suitable frame for this blonde haired beauty’s lovely face?

Could we have done without the continuation of the swirling fabric down the front of the dress (which with the covered belt could almost be called a modified shirtwaist style) and around the knee length hemline?

Frankly, the dress is lovely but the minute I laid eyes on these pictures of Jennifer Westfeldt something seemed “off” to me. The color worked, the decorative touches that I mentioned in the previous paragraphs were not too heavy or out of place and the overall look was okay. So, what was it that kept bugging me?

Dark black tights have been overdone as fall fashion trends in my opinion. This outfit would have been much prettier (again in my opinion) with nude stockings, but without a doubt the black hose were fashionable. But then I zoomed in to get a better look at her black peep toe shoes and what became evident to my surprise was that the stockings were not silky black, but black fishnet tights or stockings!

I love fishnet tights or stockings, but do they work with this dress? Somehow I’m having a difficult time trying to mesh the curves of the delicate dress that Jennifer Westfeldt is wearing so gracefully with the diamond shaped patterns in her stocking no matter how sexy men consider them to be.

So what do you say? Do the black fishnets make or break this look?

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