Miley mad about death hoax

Miley Cyrus wasn't surprised that she was involved in an Internet death hoax the other day
Photo by: Jason Merritt/FilmMagic

Miley says she has heard those rumors before. "What happened? Did I die, like, bungee jumping, getting bulldozed, what happened this time?" Cyrus said to Yo on E!. But she says can't believe someone hacked into her YouTube account and posted a fake video from her pal Mandy Jiroux alleging that she'd been killed by a drunken driver. "I got hit by a drunk driver!" Cyrus exclaimed. "Ok, good. Wait. What? On my Web page? No. My Web page got hacked?" Then, looking at E!'s Michael Yo, she sarcastically joked, "You're the bearer of good news. Thank you." She said she's "ticked" at the person who did this. Cyrus said, "I'm gonna, like, smack 'em!"

Did any of you see the fake video?

Written by: Lindsey