German TV-Show with Pink, Kid Rock and Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys, Kid Rock, Uma Thurman and Pink were all part of the lineup of a German television show that believes in booking entertainment to fit any and all musical as well as visual tastes. There was something for everybody here from Kid Rock and Pink rocking hard only to be soothed and entertained by Uma and Alicia.

Uma Thurman paid homage to the fall season dripping in stylish beaded necklaces that layered over what appeared to be a large gold leaf at the neckline of her diaphanous black gown. The dress would have been perfect except for the knee high boots that looked too much like knee high stockings or knee socks. This unusual addition to the ensemble was visible where a peek at her pretty legs would have served better in my humble opinion.

Pink favored a less feminine look achieved with a modified, black and white pinstriped zoot suit with a ruched, short jacket and spike heel black patent leather (can't be sure if they were ankle boots or knee high) boots. Pink, never one to stick to the norm, at one point was riding what appeared to be a John Deere green and yellow lawn mower although I didn't spot the logo.

With the neckline of her elegant black gown dipping to the waist, Alicia Keys was the epitome of elegance. Knowing that this lily needed no gilding, she wore simple hoop earrings and no necklace.

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