Jessica Alba shopping at Target

These pictures of Jessica Alba, revealing her earth mother side with baby stroller and all, were probably taken earlier in the fall as her feet were practically bare in thongs peeping from under her long denim skirt. When I came upon them, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to showcase this celebrity mom and give her credit for shopping in the discount stores even before it was common knowledge that the economy was not that great and bargain shopping might be a good idea.

One might think that celebrity mom, Jessica Alba, also proved her savvy shopping skills in her choice of basic black baby diaper bag that we see hanging on the handles of the stroller. Except, I believe that the diaper bag might be the Mommy Chic baby diaper that was part of the huge presentation of baby shower gifts that were given to her on the Tyra Banks show.

In that vein, would anyone like to play the "Name That Celebrity Baby Stroller" game?

Ok, imagine the buzzer just went telling you that time is out for you to guess what kind of stroller the pictures of Jessica Alba is pushing about Tar Jay on that day a few months ago. Here's the answer to our Celebrity baby stroller question; it's an Orbit. It was reported that she had an Orbit stroller in mocha, but in this pic the stroller looks black like the one in this photograph.

No, she did not pick up this upscale stroller at Target as this store does not carry this expensive brand.

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