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I was pondering how celebrities keep the soles of
Christian Louboutin shoes
red after seeing more than a few of those slingback wonders flashing their shiny red soles to the camera on recent talk shows. Not that I actually own a pair, but common sense tells me that there is no way to keep them perfect and unblemished unless you avoid walking outside with them. Only wear your Louboutin shoes when you will be inside walking on carpet or suffer the consequences of scuffed designer soles.


Some of you may wonder why everyone is making such a fuss over Christian Louboutin shoes. To those inquisitive soles without a clue, I would have to ask, “Have you seen these shoes?” In my opinion, which is shared by many celebrities, they are one of the most beautifully designed examples of lady’s footwear available in boutiques today.


This depends on whether you want a pair of espadrilles or a pair of peep toe boots covered in luscious suede leather fringe from your ankles to your knees. The former can be found at one of the upscale retail stores for five hundred dollars, give or take a few bucks. The latter is approximately eighteen hundred plus tax which is cheap to those who never thought they would find a combination peep toe pump and knee boot.

If you are a hip and savvy shopper and know your way around in the world of online auctions, you know that you can cut those prices in half or even less if you have no qualms about buying a used pair in good condition. So what if your Christian Louboutin shoes been worn once or twice when you can do the same and be so fashionable at a deep discount?


My favorite place to window shop for the latest styles in Christian Louboutin shoes is Neiman Marcus. They can also be found at Barneys, Bergdorf-Goodman and on Ebay.


Wherever you find expensive designer shoes, purses and clothes a line of fakes will follow. That’s the drawback of taking advantage of those tempting discount prices in an online auction; you never know if the item will be a knockoff, a replica or whatever nice name they are using to camouflage the shame of counterfeit merchandise.

It’s hard to tell what you are buying at times as (allegedly) there are sellers that post pictures of authentic Christian Louboutin shoes in the auction description, but mail out knockoffs (often in an authentic looking Christian box like that makes up for the deception) that always fall short of the real thing. You can reduce your risk by shopping with a trusted seller who has built a good reputation that is backed up by a high number of positive customer feedbacks. However, the best way to know that you are getting genuine Christian Louboutin shoes for your money is to shop at the Louboutin Boutique in Beverly Hills or Las Vegas.


This information changes as often as you change your outfits and purses, but at the time of this article, Louboutin slingbacks are highly sought after. But the truth is that his pumps (with spike heels and without) never go out of style. The same is true for flats and sandals with wedge heels.


Celebrities have unlimited budgets and don’t have to worry about the longevity of a particular style. The average fashionista diva such as myself has to calculate how much bang I will be getting for my bucks so I limit my purchases of Christian Louboutin shoes to classic styles like the DECOLLETE peep toe pumps I picked up for less than five hundred dollars from a reputable Ebay seller. Even at that low discount sale price, you can bet that I will wear them till the red soles are no more.

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