Kate Moss arriving back into Heathrow Airport with massive Prada sunglasses - London

Can Frank Gifford be held responsible for the premature aging that some smokers experience because of his promotion of cigarettes when he was young? Of course not. But does this picture of Kate Moss prove that lung disease may not be be the only downside to smoking? You be the judge.

A lot has been made lately about those old cigarette ads that Frank Gifford did back in the old days. How this stuff is relevant to our world escapes me. After all, wasn't this back in the dark ages when if you had a cold some of the sage advice you received was that you should run out and switch to menthols until the illness ran its course? Were people honestly crazy enough to think menthol cigarettes were some kind of breathing treatment?

I'm sure that Frank as well as millions of others have realized that it was STUPID to think that smoking could be a cure for anything other than to help you end your life. If shortening your time on earth was your goal, then baby you were on the right track. Of course, there would be the gasping, coughing, shortness of breath and nasty coughing to contend with before you got what you wanted, but there you go. Models and movie stars may rather hack and cough than get wrinkles and a ragged complexion.