I have to say this may be one of the best Faith Hill hairstyles yet? What do you think? The only thing that I do not like is how she was constantly batting at the bangs. It made me want to run for a bobby pin or barrette.

She apparently is making the rounds of the talk shows to promote her Christmas CD "Joy to the World" that has been in the stores since September or October of this year. I know, enough about the new CD, visitors to this celebrity fashion website want to know what she was wearing.

What do all the blonde celebrity beauties seem to be wearing this winter? Why something long, lean and basic black. Faith Hill was right in line with Reese Witherspoon who recently appeared on the same show. However, Faith went with opaque, black stockings or fashion tights which created a continuous, slimming line from her shoulders to her toes. Has anyone else noticed that celebrity pantyhose is becoming noticeably darker?

There were, however, two bright pops of color. One at the top of her lovely head which was no less than the crowning glory it was meant to be; the latest celebrity mom, Faith Hill approved, new hairstyles. The other was visible after Dave greeted her and she made her way to her seat by his desk. You guessed it, when she gracefully seated herself there was the signature flash of the bright red soles of designer shoes. Another celebrity wearing what appeared to be a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.

faith hill shoes christian louboutin designer black platform pumps

Because of the black tights, ascertaining whether or not they were Louboutin slingbacks or peep toes was kind of tricky. But I believe that what she was wearing was a pair of platform pumps with closed toes and heel. This style is extremely popular with movie stars at the time because of the added height that the hidden platform (double platform?) gives them. Most ladies go for this style because it is so slimming. But why this blonde beauty would feel the need to cover her celebrity feet escapes me as she has one fine pair of celebrity legs. Faith Hill had absolutely no reason to search for footwear that made her look slim. Have you seen those Faith Hill bikini pictures? This is not a chick that needs help from the crew on "How to Look Good Naked."

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