Welcome Summer

It's the first day of summer here in Melbourne, and although the weather doesn't necessarily reflect this today, we are still always excited for breezy, bright and colourful fashions. This gorgeous collection by Mary Katrantzou, from the Spring 2011 ready to wear runway, was the first individual show for the designer. While she used relatively basic shapes and cuts, her prints had amazing depth and symmetry, which created almost abstract optical illusions. Inspired by the importance of backgrounds in photographs, Katrantzou "wanted to put the room on the woman, rather than the woman in the room". She even used detailing such as curtain-like chiffons, wall sconce necklaces and dangling crystals like those on vintage lampshades. We love the contrast of simplicity and intricacy in her collection, definitely a label to watch!

Myriam Girard Fresh Collection for Autumn / Winter 2010


Wonderful collection that so sexy, beautiful, seductive and exuberant creates a flattering designs ensuring women to feel beautiful in her lingerie. French designer who launched collection using only silk and french chantilly lace for an ultimate seduction design.


Completely versatile collection includes teddies and jumpsuits, slips and camis, lingerie sets and bodies. Trimmed with the wispiest lace the silk pieces are uber-feminine and luscious. One of the collection’s stunning pieces is Ravissante a set of Chantilly lace and silk satin body with matching thong.


Another of Myriam Girard Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection’s pearls is Sensuelle pink silk satin set, which includes bra, cutout knicker, and suspender adorned with black leavers lace. It’s truly vintage and sensual.

High Heels ... How to Walk With


If you are fan of high-heels then you might to have a classic pair to match with any lingerie sets, as this kind of footwear could add up to our height and creating a flattering legs for enhance our confident feeling.


Before we learn how to walk we learn how to stand. The same principle works with the heels. Put them on, stand with your back straight, use mirror to see how you look.

To maintain balance, which is very important in learning how to walk in heels as well as walking in heels in general, practice on a hard floor or low carpeting floor.

Take a few steps pointing your toes forward, keeping your legs close to each other and keeping your back straight. Bad posture plus heels equals disaster, so be sure to work on your posture before putting on heels.


Start slowly. Keep a steady pace, keep your balance by swinging your arms a bit. Practice your pace walking back and forth. When you feel you can walk steadily as well as stop without wobbling you can try other surfaces and continue practice.

You might also want to start with chunky heels first before you go all stiletto. Look for shoes with support like ankle strap or the design that holds your foot really well. It will be easier to practice in those. If you are practicing solely for bedroom, then you can only practice at home where you will be wearing your heels.

Ted Baker | Fall - Winter Collection


We are women and each of us is special, crafted and gift needed to be treating carefully, need to be sexy and gorgeous. Take a look upon Ted Baker's lingerie for Fall or Winter i'm just keep thinking is it special or just nothing new, special as well. Could be Ted is talented enough in clothing but is he could something amazing for his lingerie collection ?


There are a lot of panties looking like grandma’s bloomers and tons of bras I wouldn’t dare to wear in front of my boyfriend.As for the girl modeling the lingerie, who in the world could pick her for the shoot? To me it’s a completely unknown model with no chances to attract customers to the collection.






Celebrity's 5 "Homecoming Hairstyles" Ideas

Get latest inspirational hair do as seen on famous celebrities below. Hopefully could giving a fresh new look on how you will arrange it for upcoming graduation day.


her curly messy updo is something that draw my attention, so sexy and adorable a great style for those who have a curly or wavy basic hair


you can adopt for this with pull your hair back and make some tiny bunch


side sweept with short curl and updo


long sleek and straight with bangs, fresh look as seen when she attending AMA's 2010


fresh in short bob with straight side swept bangs

Homecoming Hair | 2011 Hair Ideas


There is required for teen when having their graduated party in formal hairstyles and attire specially for homecoming dance. There are many selected hairstyles that they can take for the greatest part of changing from high school to adulthood.


To get the curly updo which is inspired by celebrities first section the hair into two parts, the top part and the bottom part. Throughout the bottom part of the hair, curl the hair and wrap pieces of hair around the barrel of the curling iron. This can help to achieve natural curls. Use finishing spray to ensure that these curls remain where they are supposed to.


Take the top section of the hair and bring it back from the face, pinning it through the back. If you have bangs and would like to show off your bangs, this can be done by sweeping them to the side in a romantic hairstyle.

Secure the hair that has been pulled back with pins and curl the ends which are left from the style. Now you have the option of pinning the curls to create a large and glamorous look through the back of the hair, or leaving the curls down.

What I Wanna Wear This Xmas... What Do You Think Girls????


Bla Bla?



Yes I'm looking for long sleeves mini dress~~~~!!! What do you think girls???

CLEO Malaysian December Issue #1

Alright... I'm a freak for CLEO mag.. So, upon those busy days I have in these few days, I kinda forgot about getting the issue for December until TODAY!!! WOOOoohooo!! So, the first few pages are the same old lame-o advertisements of skin care products ya-di-ya-di-ya~~!!!

And.. I found this...

It's a Swatch Ad. I wish this was out in October... Because look at the make up... THIS IS THE MOST PERFECT VAMPIRE MAKE UP FOR HALLOWEEN I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! And... I Like it!!! So much! and thanks to the graphic designers as well as photographers... haha... I wish to know the make up artist. I adore him/her.. This is just simply perfect...

Well.. I'm not done flipping the pages just yet... But stay tune for...more of my... whatever I think I'm gonna say.. LOL!!! AND.. Yea... I got my e.l.f. Bronzer the other day and it's beautiful...way to try it out... I'll update on cam-whore when I had the chance to test it... Vain me!

Awesome Words Of The Day: The Jaw Breaking Vain Boobies~~~~~

Gold is a Drama !


Nicole Richie was the ultimate Golden Girl at the 30th Anniversary Carousel of Hope Ball. While her usual look is more laid back and bohemian, she sparkled from head to toe in glittering gold Reem Acra gown and bronze clutch from Vionnet Boutique, $245. Nothing catches the light quite like sequins. Less is more, which is why I also love the open back on her dress and simple ponytail cascade.


If you love the look of gold, Elizabeth Fillmore's dreamy strapless satin Rhapsody gown is draped in gold but minus the glitter. At bottom, a white and gold sequin gown from Badgley Mischka for the daring bride walks the line between ball gown and bridal.


Or this breathtakingly sequined design that just fits your body shape

Jenny Yoo Collection


Bridesmaids everywhere are going take sigh of relief as the unveiled Spring 2009 collection of Jenny Yoo, lovely design that not just stunning yet elegantly, clean lines less detail but still look glamour...


featured hiding pocket

Runway Wedding Project


The finale of Project Runway has yet to air but when Fashion Week arrives, the designers must answer the call. Every year, the remaining 6 contestants show their collections at Bryant Park. By the time the episodes air, we've already said goodbye to at least two. These are some of my favorite looks from the collections of Kenley, Korto, Jerrell and Leanne. If the final person is eliminated today, that means we'll know the remaining three headed to Bryant Park. For a sneak peak at their collections, click here. Or hold your breath.


8752;gold wedding gown


Plus Size Brides | Plus Size Wedding Gown


Every bride has to look stunning, feminine, unique, outstanding and attractive on her wedding day, whatever the type of body or her personality or condition. So, if you are one of those full figure brides with a very stressful complex related to your body, you should take a deep breath in order to clean your mind and your heart and let go all the panic and harmful thinking. If you are a bit more corpulent doesn’t mean that you can’t look just as sweet, sleek, dainty and sensual as any other bride with a slimmer body. There is no such thing as hourglass silhouettes. Every bride has a little “flaw” that she wants to hide in a suitable wedding dress, if this can console you anyhow.

It’s essential to search for those large women types of wedding dresses that can fit perfectly and flatter your body and your personality in a very unique and efficient way. There is no need to get suck thinking on whether the wedding dress of your dreams is suitable for your body shape. Just go for it! Have it altered in order to fit you. You don’t have to pay attention to all those articles that advise you to choose only from those wedding dresses that can fit your body type. In case you’ve already found the dress, but it’s not described in the “plus size wedding dress” section, don’t think twice.


Ignore the rules or the etiquettes because they will only lead you to a profound sadness and confusion. Nevertheless, if you have no idea what wedding dresses you can find out there made on the type of your body, we can offer you a few examples to start with. If you don’t find any of the following attractive or on the same wavelength with your bridal vision, you cam shop for different types of wedding dresses available for all types of brides.

One of the most appreciated and efficient large women type of wedding dress is the empire waist dress. Perfect for those of you who want to hide any extra stomach or hip line, plus size empire waist wedding dress can make a corpulent bride look at her best. Don’t go with full skirts that will only add more volume to your look. Keep it simple and still not too loose.

Next in line is the ball gown wedding dress or the A-line princess style plus size wedding dress. Likewise, keep the skirt unsophisticated and not too voluminous, layered or ruffled otherwise the effect will be unwanted one. You can also opt for a two-piece large women wedding dress that can allow you to choose each piece – bodice, skirt and sleeves separately. Sweetheart plus size styles or corset style wedding dresses are also suitable for full figure brides. Opt for a structured material, in order to hide any imperfections, such as satin does. Stay away from silk.

Oscar de la Renta Wedding Dresses


Wonderful ideas of choosing your dreamy wedding dress is how your overall look will possible to become. Short wedding dress possible to transform your sensuous look while exposing your sexiest legs to lovely grooms. Brides rather to choose long sweept floor but it doesnt matter if you deny the short then you can opt the tea length

Sophisticate Wedding Gown ; Léber Barbara

Sophisticate Léber Barbara bridal collection for transform brides from ordinary to extraordinary giving impress to any attendants


coolest gold - high slit


sexy see through bridal gown

strapless wedding gown

Celebrity Hairstyles & Fashion

Celebrities always grab our attention at red carpet and awards events. The dresses and gowns
are always so glamorous. And the hairstyle
are always eye-catching and trend-setting examples for all of us normal people to copy.

It must take hours for celebrities to get ready for awards events. They probably pick out dresses months in advance and schedule an appointment with a hair stylist even years in advance.

Lady GaGa | Celebrity's Lingerie

She has discarded her old underwear to replace it with new all-silk undergarments as she believes that’s what makes her stay creative. Natural and comfy fabrics are great and Lady Gaga surely wants to feel comfortable.

According to the source:

She’s so in love with how she feels with those expensive clothes,that she has demanded that every piece of underwear in her closet to be pure silk. Polyester, cotton and lycra are prohibited. Think this will help her with her creativity, because if she feels comfortable and the skin can breathe properly,she will be able to concentrate on her music,

She really believes this will help her creativity because if she feels comfortable and her skin is able to breathe properly, she’ll be able to concentrate on her music.

The love of natural, breathing silk lingerie has cost Lady Gaga £7, 000.

Gisele Bundchen – Vogue Nippon January 2011

Gisele Bundchen-Cover-Story

Gisele Bundchen spotted as Vogue Nippon January 2011 cover story, icons forever