MARCIA CROSS - Proof That Women with Red Hair Rock!

Marcia Cross and Husband Tom Mahoney take a romantic sunset stroll, LA

Marcia Cross may not have natural red hair, but unlike most women with red hair she knows how to work it. She has a keen eye for what colors to wear with her hair color that include just the right shades of green and as seen in this picture, lavender.

Her porcelain skin and eyes are those seen on red headed women who came by it the natural way as indeed she may have earlier in life. Who cares if she gets a little help from her hair stylist? Believe me when I tell you that Marcia Cross' long red hair could be on any number of women without those spectacular results. I, myself, have tried Loreal hair color Feria shades of red and auburn with less than attractive results. My skin color was suited for dark red dye nor the light strawberry blonde look.

These Marcia Cross photos show her long red hair as a carrot orange color which may have been due to the sunlight at the time the picture was taken because at other times its a much deeper, richer shade. You have to hand it to her, not many modern ladies are bold enough to venture into that area of the color spectrum. Even fewer could look as beautiful as this celebrity does after the deed is done. It's a sad fact that all women with red hair are not pretty. But I'm confident that nobody will deny that Marcia Cross is drop dead gorgeous with a stylish look beyond compare.