Some Office MSN Shit~

The above conversation that was taken place this evening before lunch time~ When I say I have this particular idiot colleague, now seriously I do mean it... Normally, after I ditched those cock talkers off [Alex and Ziwei] .. avoiding any contact or conversations with them, I would go out lunch with some other colleagues. Well, you can call me a bitch, but I'm just playing safe from the annoyance by being attacking by foolishness from their ugly mouths that will hail everyone in the office. Assume that they think that they are very very indeed the smartest, coolest and most high quality above all human beings~ That they will insult any other humans that to them, are just some trash~

The conversation goes like this [Translations]:

Alex: Where you guys gonna go lunch today?
Amanda: haha... I don't wanna disturb you dating with your girlfriend..
Alex: zzz~ dating..
Alex: you just wanna abandon us
Amanda: Naaa~ It's not good to disturb people dating~
Alex:  assuming that you are no good, you are the worse.. i wanna join you guys, but all of you refuse to go out..
Alex: really, wtf
Amanda: why don't you ask them.. I'm really busy right now..
Alex: your husband diana never reply, ask who?

Cammy & Jessica was added into the conversation for that purpose. They are the two of the very few of "them".

Alex: you guys gonna pack again?
Cammy: haha..
Jessica: are we talking "pack" language?
Alex: pack food

Alex has left the conversation for no specific reason.

Cammy: he left..
Jessica: bye bye

And then Alex open another new window~

Alex: Good~ being ditch by you again..

Seriously, I never ask him to go out for lunch together or even invited him at all~ I just ask him to ask the girls where they wanna eat, because I wanted to avoid him and also I was freaking busy with the new project in the office rather than to entertain him~ FUCKED UP!

Obviously, he shows an attitude there that he didn't want to join in the lunch~ From the start, he never like the girls anyway~ =.= because they're bigger size than him, and this made him insult them every way~

BTW~~ I might be having some error in typing because I'm watching some football reply with my boyfriend, and I don't feel like cleaning up the mess~ HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!