Gossip Girl' Sends Blair and Dan to 'W Magazine'

Gossip Girl is known for it fashion. As the show progresses, it has gotten cameos from some of fashion's finest including Cynthia Rowley, Joe Zee and Rachel Zoe. Now, it's about to get even better—Blair and Dan are interning at W! Expect to see shots of the actual W office and closet, where the show filmed, as well as editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi.

How did this come about? Well, in the last episode, Leighton Meester aka Blair came to the realization that her true desires lay in becoming the next Anna Wintour. In next week's episode, she'll start an internship at W magazine. Except, there's a hitch, Penn Badgley aka Dan has also gotten an internship there. Will their burgeoning friendship stand the test of working together? Well, there's a scene where Blair attacks Dan, so it's not looking too good. [via]