'Gossip Girl' Stylist Eric Daman Gushes About Blake Lively

It's safe to assume Blake Lively has a big fan in Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman. Earlier this week, the popular costume designer told HollywoodLife that he was not at all surprised to learn of Blake's new brand ambassadorship for Chanel, saying, "You know, she grew up loving Chanel, she's a muse to Karl [Lagerfeld]. She's beautiful, she really has become this icon and I think it was a very smart choice."

When asked to explain what makes Lively so alluring, Daman opined, "It's like a Princess Grace thing, but she's also an all-American beauty while still being understood and appreciated in Europe. I think Karl is inspired with her because she's like a breath of fresh air. She's like a glistening disco ball, whenever you're around she sparkles . . . she's a great teenage icon, you know she's not running around partying, she's never out, and she always has her panties on!" [via]