Out! Cricketer Dominic Cork is out of the game after celebrities vote to save Jeff Brazier on Dancing On Ice


Tense: Jeff Brazier and Isabelle Gauthier (left) managed to survive being voted off Dancing On Ice at the expense of Dominic Cork and his partner Alexandra Schauman

He may score on the cricket field, but England batsman Dominic Cork's skating wasn't enough to keep him on Dancing On Ice tonight.

In a cruel twist, his fellow celebrity contestants on were asked to choose between the 39-year-old and TV presenter Jeff Brazier when both ended up in the bottom two.

Jeff and Dominic ended up in the skate-off after receiving the lowest amount of votes from the public, but this time it was the contestants instead of the judging panel who decided who to save.

Decision time: Each celebrity had to choose between Jeff and Dominic, with most claiming they believed the former had more to give in the competition

In the end, Cork received three votes from his fellow celebrities compared to six for Brazier.

Kerry Katona and Denise Welch just managed to escape the skate-off despite receiving the lowest scores of the night.

First up to skate was Chloe Madeley, 23, and her French partner Michael Zenezini who put on a leather-clad dance to Joan Jett's I Love Rock 'N' Roll and received 19.5, her highest score ever.

Scrapping through: Kerry Katona and Daniel Whiston and Denise Welch and Matt Evers just managed to escape elimination - despite being joint bottom of the leaderboard

Waiting for the ice pick: The contestants wait to hear their fate

Robin told her: 'I love the way you are attacking every element of every performance.'

Emma added: 'You've being brave, entertaining, if you keep this up you'll be in this show for a long time.'

War hero Johnson Beharry VC ended up doing some training with the Ballet Boys dance company during the week to help him shake off some of his military-honed stiffness.

Don't let go: Chloe and Michael's routine received her highest score ever 19.5

The 31-year-old and his Canadian partner Jodeyne Higgins performed to Bob Marley's One Love, receiving 13.0.

Emma said: 'There is a little bit of connection missing between the two of you, but you've got rhythm baby!'

Next up was TV presenter Jeff Brazier, 31, and his Canadian partner Isabelle Gaunthier, who did their first big lift during their ice dance to Jack Johnson's Better Together.

'You've got rhythm baby': War hero Johnson Beharry VC loosened up a bit for his reggae routine to Bob Marley with Jodeyne Higgins

At the beginning of the dance, he had a slight trip on the floor, but quickly got up and went on to score a 12.5.

Brazier blamed his fall on the the Tottenham Hotspurs football loss earlier in the day.

Jason commented: 'It was better than you've ever done until the fall. You did recover very well.'

Good recovery: Despite his slip-up, Brazier quickly recovered and carried on his routine

Kerry Katona, 30, wore a racy lace catsuit for her dance with English partner Daniel Whiston to Rihanna's Disturbia.

She received her lowest score ever - a 10.0 compared to previous weeks 14s.

Jason said: 'You're doing lots of lifts, you're very reliant. It's not a partnership, it's a dependency. You're too dependent, you're using Daniel as a crutch.

'Too dependent': All three judges agreed Kerry was using Daniel 'as a crutch' on the ice and had yet to show her skating skills properly

'Choreography was all over the place. During one move, it looked like you were having an internal examination.'

He clashed again with head coach Karen Barber, who told him: 'Every week you appear to be here to offend people.'

Robin also noted Kerry wasn't doing enough by herself and needed to show her skating skills in future.

Vanilla Ice - real name Rob Van Winkle - relived his injury in the week when he got some stitches by his eye and admitted the crash had affected his confidence on the ice.

The American rapper, 43, and English partner Katie Stainsby performed to Bon Jovi's Always - which he openly admitted wasn't a song he would chose to dance to.

The judges all noted he was a bit tentative on the ice, but said it was completely understandable and gave him a total score of 16.0.

Knee glide: Vanilla Ice and Katie Stainsby's routine to Bon Jovi's soft rock ballad Always received a total of 16.0

Jason told him: 'You're a terrific partner, you're very considerate. Just watch your arms, you look like you're searching for something in the dark. Refine them a bit.'

Next up was England cricketer Dominic Cork, 39, and Finnish partner Alexandra Schauman dancing to The Who's I Can See For Miles in Union Jack clothing.

Last week he ended up in the skate-off but was given a boost by former teammate Freddie Flintoff, who brought his children to watch Cork in the audience.

Patriotic: Cricketer Dominic Cork and Finnish partner Alexandra Schauman's routine to The Who's I Can See For Miles received 11.0

Jason gave a cutting commentary after giving Cork the same 3.0 score every week: 'The thing I like about your performance is when it's over. It's not improving, it's not moving on.'

Robin said: 'I'm going to disagree. I do feel from a skating point of view it's good.'

Children's TV presenter Laura Hamilton, 28, and Canadian partner Colin Ratushniak put on a passionate performance to Shakira's Whenever, Wherever.

Tricky: Laura attempted the difficult 'wrist ripper' move, but didn't finish it smoothly

The dance involved a tricky move called the 'wrist ripper' which she had struggled with throughout rehearsals, but just about to manage to pull off without crashing to the ice.

The pair scored a 20.0, including a huge 7.5 from Jason, who enthused: 'I loved the dynamic, it was fully charged, you all had the nuances. I love watching the two of you.'

Head judge Robin gave her a slightly lower mark, explaining: 'It's fantastic to see the gusto with which you attack everything. To have you at this level so soon in the competition is brilliant.'

Harsh words: Jason Gardiner asked 'where is the emotion?' to Hollyoaks actress Jennifer Metcalfe as she performed a romantic routine to Dionne Warwick's Anyone Who Had A Heart with Sylvain Longchambon

Actress Jennifer Metcalfe and French partner Sylvain Longchambon danced to Dionne Warwick's Anybody Who Had A Heart.

The Hollyoaks star, 27, scored a total 0f 18.5, including a 7 from Robin.

Emma explained: 'There is something lacking, it feels like you're not selling it as much as you can. I would like to see you skate a bit more independently.'

Jason said: 'You're an actress... but where was the emotion?'

Mellow yellow: Loose Women presenter Denise Welch and partner Matt Evers scored 10.0 for their routine to Rumer's Slow

Loose Women presenter Denise Welch, 52, and partner Matt Evers were next to dance to newcomer Rumer's song Slow and received a total score of 10.0
Explaining his low score: 'From last week it had marginally improved. Your lines are still needing to be improved, coming out of stuff you're still a bit clunky.'

Robin added: 'A few little errors, a few little wobbles... it actually played to your strengths.'

Fabulous in fuchsia: Sam and Brianne scored 25.0 for their fast-paced routine to Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love

The strongest in the competition, Sam Attwater and Brianne Delcourt - who he is now dating - performed in fuchsia to Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

The EastEnders actor and his Canadian partner were miles ahead on the leader board with 25.0 - the same score as last week.

Phillip Schofield asked them to confirm if they're in a romance and the embarrassed couple said: 'Errr, ummm,' leaving him to declare 'I take it as a yes then.'

Going country: 'Comedy' Dave Vitty and Frankie Poultney received 11.0 for their routine to Achy Breaky Heart

Jason enthused: 'You're like skating Viagra. It's very exciting and everything rises when you step onto the ice.'

Emma mused: 'You're finding this a bit easy, you're making it look easy. I think maybe you're holding back a bit and you've got more to give.'

Radio 1 presenter 'Comedy' Dave Vitty was the last to perform with partner Frankie Poultney to Billy Ray Cyrus's Achy Breaky Heart, scoring a total of 11.0.

Jason said: 'It fascinates me that someone who is so committed is just so average. You're somebody that's so engaging but you're not every good.'
• Dancing On Ice returns to ITV1 on Sunday 6th February at 6.30pm.

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