Amanda's CNY Sports Shopping [The So Called New Year's Resolution]

 I went shopping for Chinese New Year 2011 this evening with my boyfriend and apart of the story was this;

What's inside of the box is;

Ok.. My boyfriend wanted me to start doing some sports due to my condition of being too weak and skinny. So, he made me buy a good pair of shoes. I don't fancy buying expensive stuff and this is above my budget~ I hope this does not go to any waste, as I told him to force me to it no matter what since I already bought this~ =.= I can't believe I'm saying this, but it is for my own good. Yea, I agree... that I do have some health problems and most of all, I don't wanna regret this~ hahahaha! But the shoes are cool!! See the contrast, damn~~ I love this~ But sports.... God bless me..