Justin Bieber texts his girlfriend shirtless pictures from photoshoot


Topless: Teen sensation Justin Bieber has gone shirtless during a magazine shoot and reportedly texted pictures of his abs to Selena Gomez

It's a text that many a teenage girl would be thrilled to receive. Whether their parents would approve is another matter.

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber posed for shirtless photos before texting them to his 'girlfriend' during a magazine shoot.

Although he did not divulge who the 'girlfriend' was, it is presumed to be Disney star Selena Gomez, to whom he has become particularly close during the past few months.

The Baby singer was pictured looking moody, wearing nothing but a pair of grey trousers and with nothing more than a tie slung around his neck to keep him warm.
While at the photo shoot the 16-year-old reportedly asked one of the stylists to take photos of him on his mobile phone which he then texted to his 'girlfriend'.

A source told X17Online: 'Justin was talking to the stylist, asking her to take sexy pictures of him for his girlfriend'.

Bieber apparently asked for the photos to be taken in a playful way.
But no doubt anyone who received a shirtless shot of the pint-sized pop star would be over the moon.

The source added: 'He was just being cute about it, joking around, but he definitely wanted to look good for this girl. He never said the name Selena, but we knew who it was'.

Heartthrob: The singer posed with just a tie around his neck and his trademark floppy hair

Maybe one more sit up: The Baby singer seemed to check his abs out before getting ready to strike a pose

It wouldn't be the first time Selena would have seen Bieber topless as they were pictured relaxing in the sun during a vacation in St Lucia over the holidays.

Bieber fans have not been so kind to the woman who has allegedly captured his heart.
They have sent the 18-year-old actress hateful messages and twittered their anger at Bieber being taken off the singles market.

Justin's fans, who are known as 'Beliebers', even sent death messages to Selena.

How do I look: Bieber enlisted the help of stylists on the shoot to take a photo of him using his phone so he could send the shots to his 'girlfriend'

But it seems any girl under 18 need not apply for a date with Bieber as he appears to have a thing for older women.

Speaking to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, Bieber said 14-year-old True Grit actress Hailee Steinfeld would be too young for him.

The pair presented an award together at The Golden Globes ceremony two weeks ago but any chance of him getting together with the Oscar-nominated actress, who towered inches above him, was quickly dismissed.

'She's really nice and really talented. I think she's really cute', Bieber told Leno.
But he added: 'She's like 14. I'll be 17 in less than a month'.

Ladies man: The 16-year-old has been closely linked with actress Selena Gomez who is two years older than him

Bieber has already grown a reputation for being a bit of a lady's man - despite being on the music scene for just over a year.

Rihanna and Katie Perry have spoken about how cute he is and even showered him with kisses at an award ceremony last year while Kim Kardashian received death threats when she was pictured playfully cavorting with him in the ocean during a photo shoot.

He was also photographed kissing his tour mate Jasmine Villegas, 17, in the back seat of a car last September.

On the February cover of Vanity Fair Bieber is pictured red lipstick marks all over his neck and shirt as a girl's hand playfully pulls his tie.

Justin Bieber interview on Tonight Show with Jay Leno 28 January 2011

source: dailymail