Dropping hints? Christine Bleakley tries on a big fat wedding dress on Daybreak


Blushing bride: Christine Bleakley tried on a wedding dress from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding this morning on Daybreak

She has been dating Frank Lampard for over a year now, so it wouldn't be surprising if Christine Bleakley had marriage on the brain.

And perhaps the TV presenter was sending a non-too subtle message to her footballer boyfriend this morning.

The Daybreak host tried on an enormous pink wedding gown for a segment about Channel 4 show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Adrian Chiles told TV viewers that his co-host had agreed to model the gown, 'At about quarter to four this morning after much arm twisting.'

Help me up: She needed some assistance getting up the stairs from Adrian Chiles

Christine had the studio in fits of laughter as she emerged from backstage during this morning's show in the voluminous gown.

With Trevor Eve acting as her 'father of the bride', she struggled to get herself through the stage door and up the stairs into the studio.

He's out of here: 'My other half is running a mile,' Christine quipped

'I've customised it with a hanky to cover my modesty,' the Northern Irish presenter said, obviously keen to avoid too much cleavage so early in the morning.

The strapless gown included layer upon layer of taffeta skirting and a corset top with lace-up back.

'My other half's currently running a mile,' she quipped as she collapsed onto the couch, with a giggling Chiles beside her.

'It weighs a stone and a half, but it feels like five or six (stone),' the 31-year-old told viewers. 'I've already got little cuts on my hips.'

Puffball princess: The duo were in fits of giggles as Christine attempted to sit down in the gown

Ouch: The TV presenter's dress, which she said gave her cuts on her hips, weighed one and a half stone- a fraction of the real 20 stone dress

'There's another seven people hiding underneath it,' Chiles joked.

While Christine made light of Frank 'running a mile,' speculation about an impending engagement have been swirling around the couple for some time, since she moved into Lampard's London home.

Recently, she insisted that: 'I’m neither pregnant nor married nor engaged nor secretly engaged ... who becomes secretly engaged anyway?' in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph.

But the couple have both spoken about their contented home life, and a source told the Daily Mail recently that Lampard has told friends that she is 'absolutely the girl for him.'

The real deal: Bleakley found inspiration in this week's episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

And this morning's wedding dress wouldn't look too out of place at a WAG wedding.
Bleakley's gown was a toned-down version of the extravagant dress worn by 17-year-old Sam in this week's episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Sam's dress weighed a staggering 20 stone and came complete with fibre-optic lights and mechanical butterflies.

Upon seeing her wedding dress for the first time, Sam said: 'I love it. It's gorgeous. I wasn't expecting it to look that nice.'

Over-the-top: Sam's dress included mechanical butterflies and fibre-optic lights

And mother Linda added: 'I am buzzing. I just can't wait to see her in the dress and walking through the door - if she can fit!

'I've never seen a dress as stunning in my life. It's absolutely amazing.'

However, dressmaker Thelma acknowledged there was more than a little chance that the battery packs and layers of taffeta could pose a fire risk.

She said: 'We're really not sure if it's safe. Look at Michael Jackson, he had everyone looking after him but you can't stop fire.

'I'm a bit worried about the fire issue so we've decided we'll take a fire extinguisher with us just in case.'

Future wedding bells? The couple attended last night's National Television Awards, Frank in a Dolce & Gabbana suit and Christine in a YONG dress and Aldo heels

source: dailymail