I can't say that I haven't wondered what the story was behind the Tina Fey scar. Apparently there are those who have been rather, shall we say, obsessive over hearing the details. Jeff Richmond, for one, admits that the origin of the scar that is on her left cheek fascinated him. He says that how it got there may indicate the way she thinks about life.

I can't be included in the numbers of fans who need to know all about the Tina Fey scar. But, I thought I'd let those nosy Nellies know that they need ponder no more. Her husband is reported to have revealed the shocking facts in an interview in Vanity Fair. And friend, they are enough to prevent you from letting your kids play in the yard ever again.

It was said that when she was only five years old that a stranger walked up to her in the front yard of her home. The little girl thought he had marked her with a pen (which is weird enough when you think about it)when in actuality, the freak had slashed the child's face resulting in Tina Fey's scar that has made so many curious. Just when you think evil idiots are a modern thing; there you go and now you know.

I have always admired Tina's spunk and spirit and to know this about her just makes me admire her positive attitude and view on life even more. If something this traumatic had happened to me, I'd probably be an agoraphobic for life. What a brave person to just keep right on going and not take a direct hit to the old self esteem.

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