Nicole Kidman has been one busy little bee running hither, thither and yon to promote "Australia" the film about an English aristocrat who inherits a ranch with no real clue of what ranching in the Outback is all about. This minor detail forces a liaison between stock-man, Hugh Jackman, to prevent an unwanted takeover.

The interview on David Letterman was strained and awkward as it always seems to be. What is it about Letterman that makes Nicole seem to be struggling for words? Irregardless of the less than flowing repartee between the two, her appearance was as always flawless. The mention of Sunday Rose always brings a smile to her face, but even that didn’t make the conversation flow as comfortably as we might have expected from two professionals who have been in the business so long that they should be capable of conducting interviews in their sleep.

When time came for her to be surrounded by the ladies of "The View" she seemed much more at ease and eager to share the depth of her feelings regarding motherhood, being a mom to baby Sunday Rose and marriage to hunky husband, Keith Urban. She strolled to her seat wearing a flesh tone sheath with festive red shoes. In her choice of said shoes it seemed to me that she was giving a nod to the holidays. However, the and gold metallic silver Dries Van Noten dress that she was seen wearing later proved that she had more flash up her sleeve than the nude color shift on "The View".

In closing, I’m sure Nicole Kidman and the movie, "Australia", will be fantastic, but the big thrill for this author is the opportunity to see Nicole Kidman looking fantastic (at 41 years of age no less) in one striking ensemble after another.

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