chanel logo earrings cc

Chanel logo earrings are the gift that will get you in the door and keep you there, my friend. If you forgot a birthday, anniversary or were conspicuously absent at the birth of your firstborn child, Chanel earrings will calm the waters and soothe hurt feelings as well as anything. There’s something about that elegant box in your hand when you arrive on the scene that may postpone the launch of a spike heel designer shoe towards the general area of your head.


When it comes to
Chanel logo earrings
, replicas abound as is true with most any brand of popular designer jewelry or clothing these days. Replicas are fine for the lady who wants to dress up an outfit on the cheap. Fakes are less expensive and sparkle nicely, but there’s always that little voice whispering in your ear when a friend or passerby stops to admire your earrings that reminds you that they may be aware that they are not authentic. Why suffer unnecessarily with low self esteem when you can buy real Chanel earrings for such inexpensive prices online? Yes, I would buy used before I would buy fakes.


There are a few things to watch for to be sure that you are getting your money’s worth. You don’t want to pay the current price of a pair of authentic Chanel logo earrings only to receive and be disappointed by a pair of
fake Chanel
CC logo earrings. Here are some tips to be sure that you get what you pay for:
  • If you are purchasing your jewelry through an online auction, choose a reputable seller who sells designer brands on a regular basis with a high number of satisfied customers.
  • Request pictures of the backs to be certain that the Oval Chanel Stamp is visible.
  • Request a tag, a Chanel box and receipt from the store where they were originally purchased

Those are just a few ways that you can be sure that you are not fooled into buying a pair of
knock off Chanel
logo earrings with crystals that won’t sparkle and silver and gold metal has less shine than you expected. If you are truly confident and pleased with the seller’s history you may be willing to forego the proof of a receipt or authentic earring box in exchange for a low price.

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