Note from LVAT Blog Staff- Official Update

Hi readers!

We just wanted to let you know that lately people have been going into the chat box & writing messages "from LVAT Blog", but we want to assure you that the negative messages are NOT from us.

We have been very busy with schoolwork/exams, jobs, and the holiday season in general! We apologize greatly for the lack of updates, but as soon as we get a chance to update we assure you that we will!

Also, since the chat box has gotten so many "LVATBlog" posers, we will NO LONGER be sending messages through the chat box. Any message in the chat box that claims to be from 'LVATBlog' IS a poser and should not be recognized.

Messages will now only be sent through official blogs.

Thanks again for everyone's support! You're all amazing!

Happy Holidays :)
-LVAT Blog Staff Official.