Four Christmases World Premiere

In a recent interview with BBC News celebrity mom, Reese Witherspoon, allowed that she had no intentions of spoiling her kids this Christmas. She indicated that she is mindful and a little strict about that kind of stuff. She obviously feels that kids tend to appreciate and enjoy their gifts more when they receive a couple of items that they really enjoy so that they appreciate them more.

She went on to say that one of those limited items might just be a horse for daughter, Ava, who is nine years old. What little girl of that age would not want a horse to ride the rest of the year? It’s not a done deal, Reese is reported to be still on the fence.

I find it inspiring to see that celebrities with considerable means give some thought to avoiding the “spoiled rich kid” syndrome that comes with overindulgence. In the past we saw more than a few movie stars who showered their kids with too many expensive gifts and too little of their precious time. All the while we, their fans, thought the children were living in the lap of luxury in the Hollywood Hills somewhere when they were actually lonely and in need of some common sense parenting.

My hat’s off to Reese Witherspoon and the other celebrity moms who are working hard to raise kids with character and social responsibility and awareness. They will reap the rewards of their labor later and I can picture several ways that the rest of us can benefit right now. For starters we can begin by telling our kids that, "Even celebrity kids only get a few Christmas presents."

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