Shia's 'In Style' Interview

In Style magazine interviewed 22-year-old actor Shia LaBeouf, about his personal style, whom he finds sexy on-screen, and his first big splurge. 
Photos by: In Touch

On LA Influencing His Style:
"It made me crave comfort. Even if I'm wearing a great suit, it has to feel like I was born to wear it. My uniform as a kid was khakis or brown corduroys and big, oversize polos. I even shaved the back of my head and had bangs like all the kids on the street."

On His Parents as Fashion Role Models:
"Ha! My parents were hippies. Mom wore flowers in her hair and dresses made out of wheat. I don't think I could rock it like they did."

On His First Splurge:
"A Sega Genesis machine! But the first real purchase was a car for my mom. We didn't have one growing up. Then I bought her a house. My parents divorced a long time ago, but I bought my dad a tepee for his land in Montana. He's an unusual cat."

On His Personal Style Now:
"No limits. I love John Varvatos' shop in New York. I bought a couple of 'marfs' there -- that's man scarves. But I wanted to buy out the whole store. I also love BDG jeans. I'm skinny and they make them tight, which I like because I can move in those. I dig beautiful Prada suits, but I still have a massive collection of Dodgers hoodies."

On Whom He Finds Sexy On-screen:
"Claire Danes, Michelle Monaghan, and Natalie Portman. Drew Barrymore was my first crush. As a kid, I loved her in 'Babes in Toyland.' She's spunky. You never watched her and felt bad; you always felt better afterward."

On What Makes Him Feel Good:
"Comic books, especially Sandman. Skeet shooting because I'm good at it. I'm a huge Dodgers and Giants football fan. And music is the way to my heart."

On the Best Gift Ever Received:"The best gift I ever got from a woman was a mix tape called 'The Best Songs in the World.' It had a lot of Cat Stevens, which to me is the sexiest music ever. If you put on Cat Stevens and just stare into a girl's eyes, that's a really good night. It's rare. People don't just get together and look deeply at each other anymore. To me that's the best way to get to know someone -- at least if that someone is me."

Oh Shia, you can look me in the eyes all you want! How would you feel about a stare-down with Shia?

Written by: Lindsey