Blake Lively's father Injured!

Gossip Girl/ Sisterhood of Traveling Pants actress Blake Lively is taking some time out to be with her family these next few days, as her father, Ernie Lively, has suffered serious injuries after a car wreck.


“It was pretty bad — [Ernie's] lucky to be alive,” a source tells Star. “They are as close as any father and daughter could be — [Blake] was beside herself when she got this horrible news. Her dad taught her everything.”

The elder Lively, 61, was injured in the early Monday morning and is being treated for a broken back as well as arm and nose.

Blake’s mom, Elaine tells US Weekly:

“He’s going to make a full recovery, thankfully. It was a horrific accident. He was on his way to the set of Criminal Minds, and he swerved to miss a car, and he tumbled down an embankment. Blake is here, the whole family is here, and yesterday it didn’t look good. But thankfully, now we have been told he is going to make a full recovery. It’s all been taken care of. [Ernie] suffered back injuries, and also his lungs. But it if far less serious than we thought yesterday. We do not know when he will be out of hospital. We are just happy he is going to be OK.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Lively family on Blake's fathers road to recovery!

Written By: Annette