There are many photographs of Britney Spears on the net today that were taken of her as she was prancing about celebrating her birthday.
She was all about black and white partywear except for large almost square lense sunglasses in brown! My first question would be why she would break up a reasonably sophisticated monochromatic look with off color brown sunglasses. Then it just might smack me on the head to wonder why those girls are wearing shades at night? What's the point in that unless they think their eyes might be telltale windows into what they were up to? In the photo that I saw, she was hanging arm in arm with cousin Ali Sims and there was just a glimpse of Paris Hilton in the background.

Black is Britney's color. With her hair bleached as light as can be, black is just perfect and the wide black beaded choker was a nice touch to the fur (we can only hope it was faux fur) trimmed leather jacket was nice, too.

Cousin Ali was wearing a pewter or silver metallic shift and peep toe pumps as well as yet another pair of BROWN shades. Anybody care to comment on all those brown glasses?

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