Lumiani - Bidelia (Black Suede) - Women's

Lumiani - Vina (Black Suede/Black Patent) - Women's

Lumiani - Viera (Black Suede) - Women's

There's no denying that Celine Dion could take two foot length pieces of wood, strap them on her lovely narrow feet and make them fashionable! I've admired the way she looks in her outfits as well as her selection of footwear and today is no different.

She was wearing textured black tights and black suede ankle boots. The dress was a form fitting black number with hot pink detailing which was cute, but whose allure was pale in comparison to the display closer to the floor!
It makes me ask the question how Celine stays so thin, but manages to skirt the "skinny stick legs" syndrome that plagues models with similar body mass.

I'm not certain of the designer of the black boots, but here are some similar styles with the pictures of the more expensive ones at the top and the inexpensive ones last.

The Lumiani Bedelia come in gray and brown suede as well as black and I just love the heel which is just a slight bit more substantial than the Vina. How do you like that precious, sexy ruffle at the top? The selling point of the Vina is the joining of black suede with patent leather details. Many ladies will prefer the slightly tapered heel. For use with a business suit, the pleated cuff on the Lumiani Viera might display those sexy calves in a more professional manner.

Betsey Johnson - Wink (Black Leather) - Women's

I know this entry started out as a tribute to Celine Dion's ankle boots, but
I can't resist showing you this pair of playful, mid-calf Betsey Johnson faux fur trimmed boots. They scream "ski vacation" don't they? The pom poms make me want to be a cheerleader! Spike heels add some sex appeal to the mix.

Now for the cheap black suede ankle boots that I promised you!

Gabriella Rocha - Sol (Black Leather/Suede) - Women's