Beryl's Green Crystal Chandelier Earrings


Sure a stunning redhead like Marcia Cross would look good in a trash bag with poptops snapped on her ears, but what about the rest of us? If you have a pale, flawless marble textured complexion, green gemstones will certainly look stunning on you with little or no effort. Brilliant red hair and hazel or emerald eyes will add even more fuel to the fire.

You might ask the question whether or not you can wear a green gown and emeralds if you are a brunette? My answer to that question is a resounding affirmative! Can anyone forget Scarlett O'Hara? Is there any more perfect example of a dark haired beauty that would do the color green justice?

I do declare that I believe that the soulful eyes belonging to this southern belle were a charming shade of deep green so that tied the color scheme together with a nice little bow. But so what if your eyes are cornflower blue! With the wild array of color contacts at our disposal anyone can change their eye color at the drop of a hat!

This is one of the best movie star fashion tips that I can share: temporary color changes of the eyes and hair will vastly expand your wardrobe and jewelry possiblities. Chandelier earrings of real emeralds and diamonds might be too expensive to play dress up for one party, but if faux jewels are good enough for movie stars we can follow along in their fantastic celebrity fashion footsteps!