Nine West - Bhavin (Dark Red Leather) - Women's

We reported a few days ago that since the weather has gotten colder, we had spotted the possibility of a new fashion trend. We reported on just how hot Celine Dion’s outfit that included a dress with a pair of suede ankle boots (shoebooties) and textured tights was about a week or so ago.

The Early Show jumped on board with us this morning and didn’t give this little movie star fashion blog a bit of credit! No surprises there, but pardon me if I can’t resist the temptation to crow a bit on being on the cutting edge of star wardrobe trends that are easy for the average woman to copy. Shoebooties are really cheap and we are always on the lookout for an inexpensive way to look fresh and stylish.

Joanna Coles, gave a demonstration on the proper way to wear this style lady's shoe as well as sharing her ideas on when, where and how the boots might be worn with success.

Why she would bother to issue warnings that every woman (or kids) might not be able to pull off the fashion? It stands to reason that you wouldn’t put a young child in stiletto heels with pointed toes to protect the development of their young, delicate feet. Nor would an elderly person want to wear an urban style with gothic studs and chains although all that metal might just look stunning against the chrome on their walker!

After looking around at selections of the slouched ankle boots as well as the sleek, trim styles; I do believe there is a pair out there for everybody no matter what your age, leg shape or body profile might be. Children can wear flat ankle boots with a roomy toe box without risking damage to their little feet. Granny can find a well constructed pair of leather boots that have some orthopedic qualities and the plus size woman will look booty-licious in a wide width suede pair of ankle boots for women covered in bling bling that will draw the eye towards the generous curve of her legs.

We are having such FUN with these boots and we hope that you will give your curvaceous calves an opportunity to shine, too! Invest in basic colors with too many decorations and you will get many miles of wear out of your footwear. They are seen in pictures of pretty pedicured toes every winter and that’s not going to change. Ankle boots won’t go out of style, even if the trendy, name ,shoebooties, does!

Along with basic black and brown leather, go funky and wild with a pair of red slouch ankle boots or shiny black patent leather ones for the holidays. Think how fabulous they will look with sheer hosiery with a bit of sparkle to match your red sequins on your holiday top or dress.