Wedding Dress + Gothic Feels

Gothic Wedding Dress .01

Gothic style has taken on a reputation for being dark and while this can be true of the style, it is no the only interpretation of Gothic. Gothic can and should embrace some element of deeper colors such as black, dark purple or burgundy, but it can also have a touch of the medieval look if that is you style. Your wedding dress should be a true reflection of your personal style. If that personal style tends to lean towards this style, find a dress that embraces that piece of your personality.

You can find a dress that is traditionally Medieval or one that includes some subtle features. Themed dresses can be as bold or understated as you wish. It is your wedding day after all and you should wear a dress you love. Deep crimson velvet, royal violet taffeta, or a black satin dress can be an unexpected color for your guests, but it will create a memorable look. A corset bodice, some studded jewelry, and lace up boots will add to a modern feel. You can use these colors as accents on your dress if you are looking for a bold look, but not the extreme.


If you want to wear traditional white, but still incorporate the Gothic feel, you definitely want to find a dress that ties up the back and something with long, flowing chiffon sleeves would be another nice touch. Combining a flowing and light material with an intricate heavy silver charm necklace is a nice as you don't have to wear all black to have a Gothic style dress.

The only rule to remember is to be a wedding dress. It can be bold and edgy or soft and romantic, like any theme, there are two ends of the spectrum and you need to find where you fit on the line.