Not exactly low-key: Miley Cyrus makes sure she doesn't go unnoticed in tiny Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots


Back in town: Miley Cyrus and a friend visit Urth Cafe in Los Angeles on Thursday

Miley Cyrus boldly stepped back into the limelight yesterday - as she headed to a trendy Hollywood cafe wearing a pair of eye-catching Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots.

The 18-year-old visited Urth Cafe in Los Angeles - a place celebs go to be seen - for a coffee to go, accompanied by one of her best friends.

And based on her appearance, it didn't look as if the singer was trying very hard to stay low-key.

Wearing a tiny pair of Daisy Dukes and colourful cowboy boots, Miley looked the opposite of discreet as she walked down the street.

The actress has been filming new film So Undercover in New Orleans, and is in town for the holiday season.

Innocent? Sources claims Miley was smoking Salvia and not marijuana

The Disney star plays an FBI agent in the action comedy, going undercover into a sorority house.

She is living on location in Louisiana, taking her away from her home near Los Angeles, California. This is where she was filmed smoking the bong, five days after she turned 18 on November 23.

Sources insist the pipe wasn't filled with marijuana - instead, she is said to have been smoking salvia, a powerful hallucinogenic herb.

Troubled teen: Miley is currently filming now movie So Undercover in New Orleans

It is legally available for sale in California - where the video was shot - and in other states in America.

In the tape, which was posted on celebrity website TMZ, a male friend lights the plastic pipe and she starts to inhale.

He is seen telling her: 'Take all of that in.'

Attention-grabbing: Miley stepped out wearing boots and very short Daisy Dukes

She pauses briefly before swallowing more of the smoke. The singer then turns to camera and laughs: 'OK, I'm about to lose it now.'

A female friend advises: 'Just lie down.' Moments later Miley says: '[I'm] having a little bit of a bad trip.' She then laughs for almost a minute while talking nonsense.

Last month Miley told MTV News that she was planning 'a fun party' for her birthday.
TMZ reports that the clip was shot by a friend - but later stolen.

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source: dailymail