Choco Drunk~

ANTHON BERG'S Liquorice Chocolate~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bought these while I was at the airport coming back to this pork free land. Freakin' expensive... but worth the craves... YUM YUM YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! It's actually for my boyfriend, but right now...this very moment, is just a distractions from my retarded-ness come and go, just to have a peek on it in the refrigerator. Damn~~~ I shouldn't have say "Hun... this is for you" =.= Come to think of it, maybe I should make a syndicate over stealing these.... since he refuse to answer me when I ask whether or not I could have one of these.. !!!!! Why do I even bother asking when I'm the one who bought it... FFffFffffuck!

God bless me from this evil mind~