The Sixties Hairstyles

The hairstyles in the 60’s decade were a lot different than they are today. Most haircuts were really graceful and elegant for both genders but like today, people put a lot of thought and effort into taking care of their hair. However, a lot of celebrities try to make a modification of various elegant 60’s hairstyles and make it innovative in their own unique way and some are successful at doing this as well.

60’s hairstyles aren’t that common today on a day to day basis but do get worn for those special occasions like weddings, proms, graduations, or any night that is special for whatever reason it may be.

A lot of the 60’s hairstyles were a modification of the 50’s hairstyles and were in a move towards being frizzy and really crazily out of control, basically the look for the hippie age. The hippie hairstyles came in the late 60’s and the beehive stayed quite a popular hairstyle for women and was a basic but graceful hairstyle that would keep their hair from getting in their face and still keeps themselves looking good. For men, the Beatles started getting more popular and therefore, a lot of people would follow their hairstyle and instead of having the marine cuts, people started to grow their hair longer and then it got so long that they had hippie hairstyles.

Author: sam hair styles