Homecoming Hair | 2011 Hair Ideas


There is required for teen when having their graduated party in formal hairstyles and attire specially for homecoming dance. There are many selected hairstyles that they can take for the greatest part of changing from high school to adulthood.


To get the curly updo which is inspired by celebrities first section the hair into two parts, the top part and the bottom part. Throughout the bottom part of the hair, curl the hair and wrap pieces of hair around the barrel of the curling iron. This can help to achieve natural curls. Use finishing spray to ensure that these curls remain where they are supposed to.


Take the top section of the hair and bring it back from the face, pinning it through the back. If you have bangs and would like to show off your bangs, this can be done by sweeping them to the side in a romantic hairstyle.

Secure the hair that has been pulled back with pins and curl the ends which are left from the style. Now you have the option of pinning the curls to create a large and glamorous look through the back of the hair, or leaving the curls down.