Katy Perry + Outlandish Wardrobes

Perry’s style is definitely unique. She's undoubtedly the current Queen of Quirk--rivaled only by iconic Icelandic songstress, Bjork. There is Lady Gaga, of course, but she seems to take herself a bit more seriously than Perry does. Gaga is more like the Queen of Theatrics, while Perry is bubbly and approachable in her brightly colored, cartoon-like outfits.

Good or bad, everyone usually has something to say about her fashion choices, but does anyone know where these crazy get-ups actually come from? Like, where does one even get a sparkly bustier that looks like a watermelon?

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that most of Perry’s clothing comes from 2 equally quirky labels: Jeremy Scott and New York Couture. We decided to take a look at some of Perry’s zaniest wardrobe choices from each of these designers.