High Heels ... How to Walk With


If you are fan of high-heels then you might to have a classic pair to match with any lingerie sets, as this kind of footwear could add up to our height and creating a flattering legs for enhance our confident feeling.


Before we learn how to walk we learn how to stand. The same principle works with the heels. Put them on, stand with your back straight, use mirror to see how you look.

To maintain balance, which is very important in learning how to walk in heels as well as walking in heels in general, practice on a hard floor or low carpeting floor.

Take a few steps pointing your toes forward, keeping your legs close to each other and keeping your back straight. Bad posture plus heels equals disaster, so be sure to work on your posture before putting on heels.


Start slowly. Keep a steady pace, keep your balance by swinging your arms a bit. Practice your pace walking back and forth. When you feel you can walk steadily as well as stop without wobbling you can try other surfaces and continue practice.

You might also want to start with chunky heels first before you go all stiletto. Look for shoes with support like ankle strap or the design that holds your foot really well. It will be easier to practice in those. If you are practicing solely for bedroom, then you can only practice at home where you will be wearing your heels.