Gigs of the Week - May 6th

After a bit of a quiet one last weekened things are a bit busier over the upcoming days. Most significantly, Screamfeeder are playing their local classic Kitten Licks in full at the Troubadour this Saturday in support of their upcoming re-release of said record, supported by another classic local (kind of) band Midget. The band has sent us some download links to a couple of their songs from that era: firstly the single Dart, and secondly the B-Side Summertime. Enjoy!

Wednesday 6th:
Velociraptor, Suborbital Spaceflight @ Ric's Bar

Thursday 7th:
Daniel Striped Tiger (USA), All My Circuits (Vic), To The North, No Anchor @ Step Inn
Last Dinosaurs, Scott Spark @ Ric's Bar

Friday 8th:
Richard In Your Mind (NSW), McKisko, Mt Augustus, Sweet Fawn @ Top Floor (Elizabeth St, above Govindas)
Daniel Striped Tiger (USA), All My Circuits (Vic), Quiet Steps, Tear Gas @ The Hangar
Rollerball, Sonic Porno, Black Mustang, To The Hilt @ Step Inn
Tara Simmons, Edward Guglielmino, McArtney, Simon Kelly, Coby Grant @ The Troubadour

Saturday 9th:
Screamfeeder, Midget, Butcher Birds @ The Troubadour
The Rational Academy, Triad, Secret Birds, Marl Carx @ Step Inn (Front Bar / Upstairs?)
Mr Maps, Richard In Your Mind (NSW), Skinny Jean, Sierra Finn (NSW), Villains of Wilhelm, Idle Cranes @ The Old Museum (6pm)
Rocketsmiths, DZ, Drawn From Bees, Numbers Radio, Velociraptor @ Step Inn (main room) - Last minute lineup change.
Grand Atlantic @ The Troubadour (1am)
Sweet Dreams, Army of Champions, The Ordinarys, Not Ok @ Fat Louie's Pool Hall - first gig from new punk band 'Sweet Dreams' featuring three members of Eat Laser Scumbag.

Sunday 10th:
Sonic Boom: Luke Henery, Scot Cotterell (Tas), Mumble Speak (Tas), Kitchen's Floor @ 101 Merthyr Road, New Farm
Live Spark: Disco Nap, Scott Spark
@ The Powerhouse (3pm)
Steve Grady, Andrew Swift, Cyrus @ The Troubadour

Monday 11th:
Violent Soho, Boondall Boys @ Zoo Carpark (7pm) - This is a birthday bash for Tym's Guitars (whose new store will be celebrating its first year at the new location). It starts early, you might be best arriving earlier than the time I've listed here.