Gigs of the Week - May 29th

There were some really good shows last night. Hope you weren't relying on this to tell you about them. In case you were, here's the rest of the weekend for you:

Friday 29th:
No Through Road (SA), Nova Scotia, Seaplane @ The Troubadour - This week's recommended gig.
SixFtHick @ Ric's Bar
Fans: Leader Cheetah (SA), Little Scout, Fergus Brown (NSW), Edward Guglielmino @ Alhambra Lounge
Mt Augustus, Lion Island @ Black Star Coffee - As with all Black Star shows, this will be finished by 10pm.
Ball Park Music, The Estates, The Kents, Princess Rodeo @ Clarence Corner Hotel

Saturday 30th:
McKisko, Kid Sam (Vic), Fergus Brown (NSW), Green Thief @ The Hangar
DZ @ The Troubadour (1am slot)
Def Radio, Velociraptor @ Ric's Bar

Sunday 31st:
Live Spark: Gladstone & Lochaber, The Cairos @ The Powerhouse