Antonio Banderas

José Antonio Dominguez Banderas, famously known as Antonio Banderas is Spanish origin actor. He has widely known for his Hollywood flicks like Assassins, Desperado, The Mask of Zorrow and Spy Kids series. After started his career in acting in Spain, he moved to U.S., Where his career took shape. He initially acted in Oscar winning movie Philadelphia, released in 1993 along with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. In Assassins he was casted along with Sylvester Stallone, and his role was critically acclaimed as a contract killer. In Once Upon a Time In Mexico he was starred opposite Salma Hayek again after Desperado, His co-star in this movie was Johnny Depp.The Director Robert Rodriguez, who casted him in Desperado casted him again in Spy Kids film Trilogy. Antonio Banderas also directed a movie, Crazy in Alabama, Which was poorly received by the audiences. He starred his wife Melanie Griffith in this movie. He was also featured in some musical movies like Evita alongside Madonna and in Broadway. Banderas went on to win both the Outer Critics Circle and Drama Desk awards, and was nominated for the Tony Award for best actor in a musical. Antonio Banderas also did voice roles for the movie Shrek 2 and 3.Apart from the acting he is also a renowned soccer freak, and a player himself.
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