Taylor Swift is a Teen Vogue Covergirl!

Country Singer Taylor Swift takes the cover of the March '09 issue of Teen Vogue where she admits "I never expected all this to happen to me."

On having her picture taken: “Well, I’ve never had paparazzi in Nashville before; that’s a new thing. You really have a lot of privacy here. I saw that documentary on Britney Spears, and I feel bad for her—she can’t leave her house!”

On her love for country music: “Well, I started begging my mom to bring me here after I saw a TV special on Faith Hill—she came to Nashville, and that’s how she made it. So for spring break we rented a car and drove up and down Music Row, handing my homemade demo CD to the receptionists at all the labels. I’d say, ‘Hey, I’m eleven, and I want a record deal. Call me.’”

On pursing a career in acting:
“Only if it was a show that I loved, like CSI or Grey’s Anatomy, or if it was a really cool script. But I’m not feeling this desperate urge.”

On her red-carpet style: “I’ve learned a lot. I go to all these photo shoots, and each time I figure out something new about myself and what I want to wear. For a big night, I like Marchesa or Badgley Mischka—and I love Oscar de la Renta. I’ve never gotten to wear one of his dresses; if I ever did, I would probably faint. And I am obsessed with high heels.”

On her ‘I’ve finally made it’ moment: “Oh, no, I’m never going to have that moment. All of this is amazing, but it doesn’t guarantee anything about the future. I still haven’t made it to where I want to be.”

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