This picture of Miley Cyrus in sandals that put her pretty feet and legs on display has opened up a line of discussion on the brand of the gray above the knee dress she was wearing, what her shoe size happens to be as well as where we can find the sunglasses in the picture.


The black BCBG sandals are called the GIANNI LACE-UP STRAPPY SANDAL and were originally offered at the price of $240.00, but are now on sale at a deep discount. So if you feel that you can't live another minute without these cage or modified gladiator style sandals, now may be the time to pick them up while they are for sale at an affordable price; for designer sandals at least.

High heel strappy sandals with an exotic, bohemian look are all the rage. You must admit that these are very attractive (and would have looked even nicer with painted toenails) even with an extreme number of straps wrapping the arch of the foot and the closed heel.

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