Dakota Fanning possible 'Jane' in Twilight's 'New Moon'?

Rumors have been going around that the very talented, young actress Dakota Fanning is under consideration for the role of 'Jane' in Twilight's sequel 'New Moon'.

Access Hollywood recently spoke to Dakota, who said: 'I think it's too soon to tell if I'll for sure be doing it, but it's so great. I'm a really big fan of that series and the first film and all the actors, so it would be wonderful. I don't think they'll have to put a lot of makeup on me. I'm pretty white already. Pretty much all my friends are pretty big fans, so it would be great.'

Summit Entertainment reps confirmed: 'We are considering all actors that have the unique requirements for the look of Jane, Dakota being one of them.'

Do you think Dakota should play Jane in New Moon?