Random Feeling~

The Times I Miss Sooooooo Much!!~~~

Getting near Fashya's Boobs~ LoL!! My ex Collegue working as sales beauty consultant in TheFaceShop~

They're the best when comes to clubbing~

My Girls~ and my Wife Tracy~ and of course, Frenz Cafe~

This was taken on my birthday which is the first time ever we actually gather ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!

And I miss playing with Bella, Angel, and the girls..The game we most enjoy together~~ FPS: Sudden Attack!!

Yep~ That's them~

Yea~~ I'm a gamer~ But sensored gamer<---Reason why this pic is blurr~~ it's the photographer...he is the worlds most proffesional photographer~

Randall just called me telling me that he puked all over his shirts and pants~ but he's not drunk~ We'll see to that when he gets back... AHaHAhahaha!!! This happens right after I crack myself up laughing while seeing my ex boyfriend's current girlfriend picture in one of Angel's photo album in Facebook. Apparently, she use to have a "Lazy Eye" for her right eye~ Hehehe~~ I can't help but laugh at the little funny things that tickles. I'm not being an ass.. it's just plain funny~

And~~ I'm still laughing~~~ HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!~! Fucked up~

Owhhhh~~ Kappa Kappa Kappa!!! My Fav. !!! In case you're wondering why is it small, I am US size 4~ YES, I AM SMALL!

Picked up in one of the bookstore I Love here~ 

I wanna have this!!!

Make up~ Yes.. Asian style~~ and this one is without fake eyelashes~~ hoho~ I simply just like to look good~ The make ups, Cyber Colors Brown, Cyber Colors Black Gel Eye Liner, Rimmel Mascara in Black Brown. I'm wearing normal contacts, I am 450 deg. and I don't normally use blushers~ :D

Finale: Hate this pic~