Liese Bubble Hair Color

Dawn Yang's Review Over Liese Bubble Hair Color

Liese Bubble Hair Color Ash Brown

Liese Bubble Hair Color Sweet Apricot

**Special NoNo note:  Liese Bubble Hair Color is not for bleached hair or hair that was
dyed black before in the last 6 months.

Colour results may vary from person to person – depends on existing shade, texture & condition of hair.

Some other worries you might have:
1. Colour may not come out
If your hair doesn’t not absorb color well (usually people with thick, coarse, damage or jet black hair
tend to have this). TIP - If so, always choose a shade that is at least 2 shades lighter if you want the
color to look obvious but not overly bright.  

2. Colour might not be even
Correct usage is always important to ensure evenly coloured hair.
a)     Making sure there’s foam to cover entire hair including inner layers all the time.  If not,
re-massage to create foam again.
b)    Leave on for max 30mins.

3. colour comes out too different from what’s on the box
Color intensity will vary according to our hair texture and condition.
If you have dark hair and choose a dark color,  the result generally will be quite similar to their
current color.  So you can try a color that’s at least 1-2 shades lighter.

Amanda With Liese Bubbles

Before Liese Bubble Hair Color

After Liese Bubble Hair Color - Milky Tea

I hope you can see the diff~~ Because according to my collegue, that gay say he can't see the changes... My whole hair turned dark brown after this product. The highlights aren't that obvious as before anymore and to me it looks more healthier than before. I followed all the instructions stated during my buble time, except that, I cover up my head using shower cap while waiting that so called 30 minutes which I extended to 1 hour to see a better result.

Of course after all the bubbles you have to wash your hair with shampoo as well as do those treatments prevention for hair damage.

Product Cost: RM 33.00