Drama Princess~

My name is Amanda~ Amanda Belle Anthony..
               Amanda  ------>    Worthy Of Love
Belle  ----->    Beautiful
                       Anthony   ------>     Faithful

Ever wonder why I have such fantastic name, thanks to my parents.. I AM FREAKING PROUD OF THEM~

I am born on the 3rd of February 1987 on the Borneon island.
Perfectly produced by my parents Rose & Anthony.
Currently in a relationship with Randall Tong Wen Yann~ The love of my life and the only person who can actually understand the monster side of me beside my elder brother Chris~

I have four brothers; Chris (my beloved elder bro), Kevin (2nd bro after me),
and my two baby brothers Michel & Aaron.

I Love make up's, beauty products, fashions, stupid jokes... and assholes~ like my Love Randall~ haha~ alright... I'm not here to write about myself because if I do.. I can continue all the way in vain without even care to any of your comments after that~ YES, I AM A PROUD BIATCH and I'm also proud of that~ haha!!

So, here's some of the make up I use daily;

This is Majolica Majorca Compact powder~ Yea, I have the limited edition one which is silver.. The normal one is Gold

From Left: TheFaceShop Color Nuance WH004 single eyeshadow, Etude House Code B Brown, Cyber Colors Cosmos Mars

I got this from my collegue's girlfriend. I posted the link to it in the previous post. The eyelashes are imported straight from Taiwan. The best thing about it is that it's comfortable and you'll look stunning wearing it.

I have this things with eyeliners.. haha! From Left: elf black, KATE black and glitter brown Top: Cyber Colors metalic purple Right: TheFaceShop Wuick & Clean BB cream

Wonder why Amanda can have make up on everyday but look natural~

Like This~

Or This~