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The 7 Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses
There is always one gorgeous wedding dress that stands out nearly every year, and more often than not, it is always worn by a celebrity. In case you too want to shine as bright as they do on the wedding day, here are some celebrity wedding dresses that have caused an uproar - for its aesthetic and monetary value. Well, you can imagine these wedding dresses cost more than the value of its elegant bridesmaid dresses for the wedding and as a whole.

1. Renée Zellweger
Despite her marriage to country singer Kenney Chesney was short lived, Renée Zellweger twill bamboo, ivory-colored, form fitting Strapless wedding dress went down in history as one of the best celebrity wedding dresses ever. The beach wedding dress in perfect harmony with your wedding themes. Of course, it helps that Renee has a body to die for.

2. Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock looked absolutely stunning in Angel Sanchez-designed Strapless former white dress with lace bodice agitated. Although their wedding was anything but conventional, Sandra was the epitome of a blushing bride that day.

3. Melania Trump
You may have heard rumors that Melania Knauss' wedding dress designed by Christian Dior cost a whooping $ 100.00! The form of connection Strapless white dress was the third "Mrs. Trump" is almost worth the history book, with its impressive design and 16-foot train that weighed 50 pounds. Imagine walking on it. Well, should not be surprised. Expect more from the top - and nothing else - a Trump.

4. Tori Spelling
The late Aaron Spelling beloved daughter, Tori Spelling, wearing a wedding gown splashed with mounting glass beads. It was the perfect traditional wedding dress that every woman, no doubt envy. Of course, the middle class bride must stop all the windows and find some other substitute for spraying your clothing.

5. Britney Spears
Almost everyone hated everything about Britney Spears and Kevin Federline wedding. The groom, in particular. It was a terrible surprise to the rest of the world. However, Britney magnificent wedding dress, Monique Lhuiller saved time. Britney Spears wore a $ 26,000 wedding gown with a train in hand-sewn and cathedral length veil.

6. Demi Moore

Demi Moore did not seem her age when she became Mr Ashton Kutcher. Its floor-length dress by Jeanne Lanvin was the pod-style, topped by Jewel straps. Her dress was simple, beautiful and unique in its kind. Like Demi same.

7. Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston now defunct marriage to Brad Pitt was a wedding that shakes the media for weeks. No, it was not the ceremony itself is all about the bride and her to-die-for wedding gown. Jennifer's halter style gown of white tulle decorated with tiny pearls was designed by Lawrence Steele. It was the perfect wedding dress once to define the perfect marriage.

If you want to keep these celebrities wedding dresses, be sure to seek the help of your designer in the development of fabrics and materials that are not as expensive as the real wedding dresses. No need to waste too much the look of a celebrity on your wedding day.