Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

Vera Wang and Her Wedding Dresses

Vera Wang is a very popular designer that works out of New York City, but was educated primarily in Europe. During her youth, she attended a variety of design schools that helped create the foundation she would use later to create a fashionable and popular brand. She worked for 16 years as a senior editor at Vogue magazine, until she left to form her own fashion design studio. Her most impressive works, and the primary area of focus for her, is her wedding gown collection. Her gowns have been featured on several Hollywood stars as well as a series of TV shows and movies. Vera Wang wedding dresses are some of the most sought after wedding gowns in the world and can be purchased in several places, both online and in boutiques.

Vera Wang wedding dresses were first developed in 1990, which is the time she opened her first boutique. It was her goal to bring new designs and fashion to the world of the wedding gown world, which she was able to accomplish in a hurry. Her designs were noticed worldwide by a variety of audiences and in 1994 she was chosen to design a wedding dress by ice skater, Nancy Kerrigan. This was the moment that catapulted Vera Wang into the spotlight, and since then she’s never had to look back.

Several celebrities have worn Vera Wang wedding dresses and her designs have become the most popular in the world. Jessica Simpson wore a Vera Wang dress during her marriage ceremony, as did Jennifer Lopez. The European heritage of Vera Wang’s education is evident in her designs, which feature luxurious and flowing fabrics that create a hybrid style that combines modern fashion with elegant design. She sells more than just wedding gowns too; her wedding accessories are very popular as are her lower priced bridesmaid dresses.

Unfortunately, the cost of Vera Wang’s wedding dresses is relatively expensive, but if you can afford them you will probably not find a better dress anywhere. Starting at around $6,000 and moving into the 10’s of thousands, Vera Wang wedding dresses are pricey, but still affordable to those that want to go the extra stop of buying a dress that is the best in its class. Of course, if you really want to go all out, then you can hire Vera Wang to personally design a wedding dress for you, but generally those slots are reserved for celebrities and special occasions.

Vera Wang wedding dresses have grown her business from a small starter boutique to an online and international phenomenon. She has several stores located across the country and also sells dresses on her personal website. Vera Wang also sells purses and other accessories that are just as popular as her wedding dresses. Overall, she has managed to create a wonderful brand based on exquisite fashion style and sensibility. If you are looking for a wedding dress, then a Vera Wang dress just might be the perfect touch for a perfect wedding.